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Aurora Protection Order Attorney

Aurora Protection Order Attorney

Protection / Restraining orders are a well-known part of the law in Arapahoe county and throughout Colorado. Navigating them can be difficult. A skilled defense lawyer can often be all the difference in situations involving protection orders. Some people foolishly attempt to represent themselves in cases involving restraining orders and make the situation much worse. Permanent restraining orders can even result in cases that are not handled properly. It is wise to contact an experienced Aurora protection order attorney to handle your unique situation.

Restraining order Lawyer in arapahoe county

When individuals in Aurora, Colorado are served with temporary restraining orders they typically know the person that went to court to have the judge issue the order itself. They might be old friends, former partners, or live in the same neighborhood. Regardless, the party obtained the restraining order due to a disputed situation with the other. These two parties will argue in court over what the other said and did. Having council advocating on your behalf can be extremely beneficial when trying to have the judge see your side, free of all the emotions. In short, an attorney simply has more credibility.

Aurora Lawyer for restraining orders

Rules of Evidence in Colorado apply to protection / restraining orders. Consequently, a judge will only hear what the law itself allows him / her to hear. For example, a party in the case may choose to highlight an email that was exchanged in reference to the dispute. This email may not be something permitted to admit in court, therefore showcasing a lack of preparedness. If you are represented by an Aurora restraining order attorney who has knowledge of these evidence rules, the judge might look more favorably at your side of the situation.

Attorney for Protection Orders in Aurora, CO

There are many reasons to hire an attorney for protection / restraining order matters. In Arapahoe county, the law is especially complex and full of legal definitions and phrases. Under C.R.S. 13-14-102, citizens are given rights and responsibilities that are important to make note of. For example, those involved in a protection / restraining order case are permitted a continuance of up to 4 months to hire a defense attorney, subpoena a witness, and prepare arguments. This period of time is significant, allowing the preparation of direct / cross examinations and closing arguments. These entities are crucial to a favorable outcome in your case.

Aurora Protection Order Attorney | Expert Defense

With all of the critical elements in protection / restraining order hearings, finding a skillful defense lawyer with a history of favorable outcomes is a must. There is too high of a cost should you lose due to poor representation or being unprepared. Whether you are seeking modification, dismissal, or facing a charge for violating a protection order, our attorneys are ready to offer expert help.

If you or someone you know is dealing with a restraining order, be smart. Contact the seasoned defense attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group at 303-830-0880. Together, we can protect your future.

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