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Downloading Child Pornography


Pornography is a Serious Criminal Allegation

Have you been charged with downloading child pornography? In Colorado, this is an extremely serious allegation and you need to talk with a Denver sex crimes lawyer right away. Since the creation of the Sex Offender Management Board in 1992, Colorado has seen an increase in the penalties for sexual offenses against minors as well as ways in which offenders can be caught. In 2009, the Colorado Legislature made it a class 4 felony to have even one child pornography video in your possession. This is a dramatic increase over the previous law that required there to be 20 or more pornographic videos for a class 4 felony to be charged.

Downloading child pornography could easily lead to other equally serious charges such as distribution of child pornography over the internet or internet luring of a child. The Colorado Sex Offender Management Board was created by the Colorado Assembly to basically increase the types of activities that could be criminally prosecuted and also the severity of the punishments. This board sets the guidelines for punishments, which are determined by a number of factors, such as the offender’s likelihood of repeating the offense.

Protecting Your Rights and Liberties

If you have been charged with downloading child pornography, protect yourself by contacting Sawyer Legal Group, LLC today. Your future liberty and reputation are on the line, and a conviction will have consequences that will impact your life for years to come. You need skilled, aggressive legal representation, and our Denver child pornography defense lawyers have the knowledge and experience to provide this for you. We will aggressively challenge all allegations, determine whether your civil rights have been violated, and fight for every possible advantage in your case.

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