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Domestic Violence Offender Management Board

A new board was set up by the Colorado general assembly in 2000 to keep a check on the number of domestic violence cases in Colorado. A unit of the Colorado division of Criminal Justice’s Department of Public Safety, The Domestic Violence Offender Management Board (DVOMB), does various tasks including developing standards for evaluation, assessment, monitoring and treatment of offenders convicted of domestic violence charges.

The Board’s view of Domestic Violence

The Board follows a basic assumption that in domestic violence case, the act should be considered as a major crime, rather than the aftermath of a relationship that is failing. They consider safety and rehabilitation of the victim of paramount importance and work to contain all forms of violent behavior. They also promote a coordinated community network of law enforcement, treatment providers and other non-governmental services that work for the welfare of the people.

The DVOMB also oversees and certifies the framework of all providers of domestic violence treatment practitioners in court-ordered DV cases in Colorado. In short, it is a board that works from various perspectives to minimize the cases of domestic violence in the state.

Board setup

About 18 members from various professions related to domestic violence management constitute the DVOMB. Each seat with a specified objective is assigned to a group, rather than an individual. As a result, the representative keeps changing, which ensures a continuous flow of ideas in the organization. Through the promotion of accountability of the offender and containment of offenders, DVOMB aims at providing maximum security of the affected individual or community. 

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