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Domestic Violence Fast Track Program

The state of Colorado has a Domestic Violence Fast Track Program used to handle domestic violence cases. This is used for those who have been charged with misdemeanor domestic violence charges for the first time. Those with felony assault charges are not eligible for the fast-track system. This process mostly requires that you plead guilty to domestic violence charges, and the sentence is normally a year or more of probation.

While this seems like the easiest way out, it may hurt if you’re innocent or there were other factors that may help you build a strong defense. In these situations, it is best to talk to a domestic violence lawyer in Denver so that you are aware of your rights and can discuss possible defenses.

The Domestic Violence Fast Track Program does not leave a lot of time for the accused to meet with an attorney as they are sent to court the next business day after the incident occurred. Contacting an attorney makes a big difference because pleading guilty to a domestic violence charge can present future harm.

Exercise your rights by meeting with an attorney before making a decision that will have a negative impact on your life! We can help you fight false accusations and build a strong defense.

This type of outcome is much better that being on probation and having a criminal record when you were actually innocent of the charges. Hiring a domestic violence defense attorney may result in having your charges reduced or dropped entirely.

Need to Fight a Domestic Violence Case?

At Sawyer Legal Group, we have defense lawyers that are dedicated to fighting for your rights. We have strong experience in defending many innocent clients in domestic violence cases and can help you in gaining your freedom. Even if you decide to give into the fast-track program by pleading guilty, you still have the right to speak with legal counsel.

Taking advantage of this right will make a big difference in your life so call us now before it is too late! Contact a Denver domestic violence attorney from our firm today if you are in the fast-track program or need professional legal advice.

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