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DMV Hearings

If you’ve been arrested for DUI and are in jeopardy of losing your license, then you need to know how Colorado DMV Hearings can have a major impact on your situation. You may not be aware of this, but there are many situations that may cause you to be faced with one or more Colorado DMV Hearings. What many people accused of driving under the influence do not realize is that whether or not they have to deal with the criminal justice system, attending the DMV hearing is crucial.

Why is this hearing so important?

If you don’t request this hearing, your driver’s license will be suspended. Additionally, you could be arrested and jailed for driving without a valid license. The only way to avoid these consequences is to request a hearing within the seven (7)-day time limit given.

Someone who does not have experience in DUI defense cases should not handle matters this serious. The reason being is that Colorado DMV Hearings are technical in nature. Whereas, having a skilled Denver DUI defense attorney who is familiar with the DMV proceedings may be able to uncover additional factors that will help to build a strong DUI defense. The attorneys at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC are skilled at persuasively arguing technical defenses at a DMV hearing, and have saved numerous clients from losing their driver’s license.

Calling an attorney that has years of experience representing people at motor vehicle hearings will have its advantages when it comes to restoring the ability to drive. Our attorneys know the process well and what could work in a person’s favor, what can be done to save driving privileges, and when to bring up relevant information and defenses.

Colorado DMV Hearings – Revocation Hearings

If you drove in the state of Colorado while your blood alcohol content (BAC) was above .08, or refused a chemical test, your driving privileges may be revoked. While you have a right to a hearing before this takes effect, you must take immediate action to preserve your rights.

Driver’s License Reinstatement

Reinstatement Without a Restricted Interlock License

You are eligible to reinstate your license without a restricted interlock license if:

  • The DUI is your first offense;
  • Your BAC was under 0.15; and
  • You did not refuse to take a blood or breath test.
  • Your driver’s license will be suspended for nine months, unless you reinstate early

First-offenders in this category can reinstate their driver’s license early by submitting the following list of materials to DMV:

  • Application for reinstatement;
  • Reinstatement fee;
  • SR-22 Automobile Insurance; and
  • Alcohol Certification.

You may reinstate your driver’s license after thirty (30) days, and it takes DMV approximately twenty (20) days to process the reinstatement materials. Therefore, if you want to obtain your driver’s license after 30 days, submit your reinstatement materials within the first ten (10) days of your nine month suspension.

Reinstatement Requirements for a Persistent Drunk Driver

The DMV will consider you a persistent drunk driver if the DMV has made a finding that:

  • A driver’s BAC was at or above 0.15 at the time of driving or within two hours of driving; or
  • The driver refused a requested blood or breath test.

Reinstatement Requirements

  • Application for reinstatement;
  • Reinstatement fee;
  • SR-22 Automobile Insurance;
  • Affidavit of enrollment in a Level II Alcohol and Education program; and
  • Ignition interlock lease.

Early Reinstatement for Persistent Drunk Drivers

Early reinstatement for a person who has been found to be a persistent drunk driver depends on several factors. Colorado DUI reinstatement laws are complicated and require an individualized advisement. Contact Sawyer Legal Group, LLC to find out when and what you would need to do to reinstate early if you are considered a persistent drunk driver.

Revoked Driver’s License in Another State?

If your right to drive a vehicle has been revoked in another state, you may qualify for a Colorado driver license, if Colorado’s driving laws are more lenient. In short, hiring a Denver DUI lawyer has extensive training and experience is highly recommended when dealing with the DMV hearings.

Excessive Points Suspensions

If the number of points allowed for your license has been exceeded within a specific period of time, your driving privileges may be suspended for up to one year. This type of hearing determines whether your driver’s license should be suspended and the length of time.  A driver will accumulate points for convictions according to a point system.

  • If you are twenty-one years old or older you cannot accumulate 12 points within any 12 consecutive months, or 18 points within any 24 consecutive months.
  • If you are 18-21 years old you cannot accumulate 9 points within any 12 consecutive months, or 12 points within any 24 consecutive months, or 14 + points accumulated between 18-21.
  • If you are under 18 years old you cannot accumulate 6 points within any 12 consecutive months, or 7 points prior to turning age 18.

Contact Sawyer Legal Group to discuss your DUI, DWAI, or DMV hearings or reinstatement situation. We can help you get back on the road.

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