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Domestic Violence Record Sealing

Unfortunately, many people believe that if they were officially charged with a crime following an arrest, that they have a clean record. All arrests can show up on a criminal record, whether the accused was charged or not. When a person has a domestic violence arrest on their criminal record, this can have a negative effect when it comes to opportunities and other life matters. This arrest will show up when prospective employers, property owners, and financial institutions perform a background check as a way to reference your character.

If you have been arrested on a domestic violence accusation but not charged with a crime, it is important that you speak with a Denver domestic violence attorney about sealing your criminal record. The state of Colorado dictates that anyone who has been charged and convicted with domestic violence cannot have their criminal records sealed. However, a qualified legal team can assist you in having your record sealed.

Seal Your Record

Find out if you are eligible to seal your criminal record.

Denver Domestic Violence Record Sealing Is Different In Colorado

In other states, an attorney may be hired to petition the court to have a charge, arrest, or conviction expunged, or removed, from a criminal record. While Colorado is different where charges cannot be removed, they can be sealed from public view.

Once a criminal record has been sealed by a court, it is legal to claim that any crime, charge, or accusation never occurred. If officers of the law come across inquiries about your past offenses, they must respond by saying there is no record.

At Sawyer Legal Group, our legal team can assist in petitioning to have your records sealed.

We have a strong history of helping clients seal their arrest records and related files in a number of cases –

  • If you were found not guilty by a jury;
  • Your case was dismissed by the prosecution; 
  • If you received a deferred sentence and complied with the terms of your deferred judgment and sentence; or
  • If you were convicted of a domestic violence offense in municipal court.
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