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Civil Protection Orders

Individuals in Colorado may seek a civil protection order which restrains another person to initiate any direct contact or indirect contact with the concerned individual. The protection order starts as a temporary one, and can then become permanent. The order, however, carries an expiry date.

Protection orders are not any kind of custody orders. They can only solve custody, care and if needed, decision making with regards to children on a temporary basis.

Obtaining a temporary civil protection order

In Denver, Colorado, the initial action in obtaining civil protection order is to fill out the required paperwork. Particularly put, if an individual seeks a protection order, that individual must complete an incident checklist and a verified complaint, an affidavit with regards to children and also an information sheet where the protection order can be registered.

The individual must then assess the county to file the protection order. The filing can be done either in the county where the trigger incident took place, or the individual’s place of work. After the completion of the paperwork, the individual must take the completed documents to the appropriate courthouse to file the case and also await the hearing of the temporary protection order. After weighing the situation, the Judge may grant a temporary protection order. The request may also be declined in some circumstances. If the temporary order is granted, then a hearing for a permanent restraining order can be set.

Reason to retain an attorney

If someone wants to get a temporary restraining order against you, all that person is required to do is to make any allegation that you have threatened or hurt that person, and there is a possibility of you doing so if a protection order is not imposed. These kinds of allegations do not need any kind of evidence or proof. Once a judge approves a person’s request, documents are served and you are expected to make an appearance at the permanent protection order hearing. If you do not attend, the order will become permanent.

You can contest the order if you attend the hearing. It is recommended that you hire the services of an experienced attorney to fight the imposition of a permanent protection order. This kind of order can adversely affect your life and will appear as a negative mark on background checks, affecting your employability. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC can best defend your case to make sure that you have the best chance to contest a permanent protection order. 

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