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Drug Possession Crimes

Drug possession crimes are often regarded as the least serious of drug crimes in Colorado but that does not mean it cannot come with harsh penalties upon conviction.

If you have been accused of possessing an illegal drug or controlled dangerous substance, you cannot sit back and hope for the best. Stand up for your rights and start protecting your future well-being by contacting an experienced drug possession crimes attorney at Sawyer Legal Group, LLC today.

Colorado Drug Possession Penalties

It is possible for drug possession charges to vary significantly between one arrest and the next. There are a number of factors that can increase the severity of the crime, or decrease it. The type of drug in question, how much of it there alleged was in illegal possession, and whether or not there is evidence of distribution are the three main elevating factors.

Drug possession penalties will change based on the classification of the crime: Petty offense: $100 fine with no jail time and no mark on criminal record.

Misdemeanor: Up to 18 months in county jail and up to a $5,000 fine.

Felony: Up to 6 years in prison (1-year minimum) and $500,000 fine (extreme cases).

It is also worth noting that marijuana possession can still constitute a drug crime in Colorado, despite recent legal reforms throughout the state. Before you possess marijuana medically or recreationally, you should always double-check your rights and legal limits by speaking to an attorney.

Helping You Understand Your Rights & Uphold Them

Sawyer Legal Group has always been dedicated to the defense of the criminally accused. Everyone deserves to have their day in court. Sawyer Legal Group will defend your rights and future against the government. With our Denver drug crimes attorney in your corner, you can be more confident that the future will not be one-sided and disadvantageous to you. Request a free consultation with our law firm today to begin protecting your rights.

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