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Domestic Violence Gun Rights

Domestic Violence and Gun rights in Colorado is an important matter and requires a knowledgeable and experienced Denver Domestic Violence Attorney. The average person knows that anyone faced with a domestic violence conviction may face jail time, fines, and probation.

However, what they may not realize is that a conviction may prevent offenders from carrying or owning firearms. If you are facing domestic violence charges and concerned that a conviction will affect your right to own or carry a firearm, you need to speak with a Denver domestic violence lawyer at our firm now.

At Sawyer Legal Group, we strongly believe you have the right to own, carry, or operate a firearm. While this is a constitutional right for many individuals, the state of Colorado says that anyone convicted of a certain type of domestic violence crime may lose that right.

Our legal team will help you in fighting for your constitutional rights. Getting a professional on your side is advantageous since being in possession of firearm after a violent misdemeanor crime could lead to federal charges. One of those is state prison. Additionally, anyone with a restraining order or order of protection is also prohibited from possessing firearms.

In the state of Colorado, people accused of domestic violence are often urged to plead guilty and serve a reduced sentence with the understanding that the record will be sealed. Oftentimes, this promise does not always materialize, meaning the accused may still have a criminal record with no recourse.

Contact Sawyer Legal Group, LLC early on to defend your domestic violence case. This may save you from having a criminal record and protecting your right to possess a firearm.

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