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How Much Does a DUI Cost?

How much does a DUI cost in Colorado? The answer to this question depends on the factors of your case. The cost of a DUI in Colorado is high. Here are some of the costs associated with a DUI in Colorado.

DUI First offense

Fines involved with first time DUIs in Denver can range from $600 to $1000. In addition, convicted drivers must agree to anywhere between 48 to 96 hours of community service.

DWAI First Offense

Fines involved with DWAIs range from $200 to $500 with around 24 to 48 hours of public or community service.

DUI/DWAI – Second offense
Second DUI and DWAI charge leads to a fine of $600 to $1000. The person convicted will also have to serve anywhere from 48 to 120 hours public service.

DUI/DWAI Cost – Third offense

Third time DUI and DWAI charges come with a fine of $600 to $5000. In addition, you can expect up to 120 hours public service.

Alcohol Intake Evaluation
An Alcohol intake evaluation at a Colorado certified alcohol education and treatment provider will cost anywhere between $40 –  $100.

Alcohol education Classes
Level II Alcohol education classes costs range between $25 and $35 per two-hour class per week and last for twelve (12) weeks.

Alcohol Therapy Classes

Level II Alcohol therapy classes cost range between $25 and $35 per two-hour session. The amount of therapy hours will depend on which alcohol therapy track you have been assigned.

  • Track A = 42 hours or 21 sessions
  • Track B = 52 hours or 26 sessions
  • Track C = 68 hours or 34 sessions
  • Track D = 86 hours or 43 sessions.

Useful Public Service Hours Charge

Most county criminal justice community service departments charge you a fee between $60 – $100.

DUI Information

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