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Careless Driving Charges

Careless Driving Charges in Arapahoe County | CRS 42-4-1402

Careless driving charges in Arapahoe County can result if police think you’ve driven with a lack of attention to the road and your surroundings. Eating while driving, using your smartphone, or speeding in poor weather conditions can all lead to accusations of careless driving. This traffic offense escalates if someone is injured by your careless driving behaviors. Additionally, operating a scooter or bike in the same manner can lead to police involvement. If you’ve received a ticket for careless driving in Arapahoe County, contact one of our skilled traffic attorneys today.

Arapahoe County Careless Driving Law

Arapahoe County’s careless driving law prohibits operating a vehicle without proper attention to the road and surroundings. CRS 42-4-1402 addresses careless driving throughout the state of Colorado. You commit careless driving in Aurora, Englewood, or Centennial if you:

  • drive a car, truck, van, motorcycle, bicycle, e-bike, or scooter,
  • in a careless and imprudent way,
  • without regard for the width, grade, curves, corners, or traffic,
  • and use of the streets and highways and other attendant circumstances

Driving that puts others at risk or involves negligence often results in careless driving allegations. This traffic crime is slightly less serious than reckless driving, which involves a more conscious, intentional disregard of possible risks.

Careless Driving Penalties in Arapahoe County

Carless driving penalties mostly depend on injury to others. In cases where no one was hurt, a class 2 traffic misdemeanor applies. A conviction in these situations can result in:

  • 10 – 90 days in county jail,
  • a maximum fine of $300
  • 4 DMV points

If someone was hurt or a death occurs, the charge amplifies to a class 1 traffic misdemeanor. This can mean up to 12 months in county jail, a maximum fine of $1,000, and possible restitution payments to those sustaining injuries. Carelessness behind the wheel can be especially costly for Colorado drivers.

Arapahoe County Traffic Attorney

Just because you’re facing an accusation of careless driving doesn’t mean you’re guilty. Consulting an experienced traffic attorney early on has many benefits and can lead to a better outcome in some cases. Perhaps your driving wasn’t careless, you weren’t the one driving, or your driving didn’t cause the injury. Nonetheless, contact our office for a free, confidential consultation. We will carefully analyze your careless driving case, as well as recommend next steps in your defense. Our affordable fees and flexible payment plans make strategic representation a reality in your traffic case.

So, don’t talk to the police about careless driving charges – talk to us. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC 303-830-0880.

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