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Facing Domestic Violence Charges?

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Domestic Violence Charges


Domestic violence charges can be defined as crimes against a person, property, or animal when used as a method of coercion, control, punishment, intimidation, or revenge. While many believe that domestic violence is limited to physical abuse or harassment, some other instances are defined as domestic violence charges in the eyes of the law. For instance, if a man finds out that his live-in girlfriend is cheating on him and destroys her laptop as a form of revenge while she is at work, this is a form of domestic violence according to Colorado law.

What Happens After a DV Arrest?

Being charged with domestic violence in the State of Colorado is not a pleasant experience. Not just because no one likes to argue or fight with someone they once had an intimate relationship with, but dealing with the consequences that follow once an officer of the law is called to a person’s home. When an officer is called on a domestic violence situation, chances are strong that someone will be arrested and jailed. Most cases that go before a judge are misdemeanor charges.

Common domestic violence charges

• Assault
• Criminal Mischief
• Harassment
• Menacing
• Stalking
• Obstruction of telephone service
• False imprisonment (without force or threatening to use force to detain another person)

Not all domestic violence charges are misdemeanors and can be elevated to felony charges. If this is the position you find yourself in, do not hesitate to contact legal counsel. Sawyer Legal Group, LLC  is well-versed in defending domestic violence charges and is ready to assist you. Contact us today.

The Fast Track Program and What Can Happen

This program is a legal process where someone charged with misdemeanor domestic violence charges will appear in court and quickly plead guilty. The accuser is also given a subpoena to Appear in court on the same day that the accused goes before a judge. When a defendant pleads guilty under the Fast Track Program, they are waiving their right to seek legal counsel, who may be able to analyze the case and restore their client’s rights.

Don’t Give Up Your Rights, Contact Sawyer Legal Group

After the accused has been jailed on domestic violence charges, they must go before a judge before a bond can be set. Because prosecutors and judges like to push these cases through quickly, prosecutors encourage defendants to accept a plea deal before a defendant’s case is reviewed by a criminal defense attorney.

This also means that a defendant may end up with a domestic violence conviction for the rest of their lives. In most cases, the Domestic Violence Fast Track Program plea deals don’t allow for a defendant to seal their record after successfully completing the Fast Track Program. Additionally, the court will order supervised probation with mandatory domestic violence classes. However, depending on the case, the judge may also restrict a defendant’s time with their children, and prohibit the right to own firearms.

Why You Should Contact a Domestic Violence Lawyer

A domestic violence conviction could impact your ability to obtain the job that you want and your ability to posses a firearm. Most domestic violence convictions cannot be sealed and will always show up on your criminal record. Sawyer Legal Group receives numerous calls from people who are having trouble obtaining a good job because they either accepted a quick plea offer that came with a conviction or did not hire an experienced domestic violence criminal defense attorney. 


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