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At Musell Law, we defend against felony and misdemeanor charges throughout the Denver metropolitan area. Brian Musell at Musell Law, LLC has represented over 3,000 criminal cases throughout the state of Colorado. Our criminal law firm has achieved an overwhelming number of pre-trial dismissals and jury trial victories. Criminal charges are real – often serious – and cannot be taken lightly. We know that the outcome of your case can leave life-altering impacts: changes in child custody, your personal access to your home or possessions, jail or prison time, and can impact your personal and professional reputations. Our criminal attorneys understand that one of the most difficult aspects of facing criminal charges is not knowing what is going to happen. The key to successfully defending criminal charges often begins with early intervention. Contact Brian Musell, leading criminal defense attorney at Musell Law, LLC today for a free consultation. Our goal is to protect our clients and their lives.

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We know that good people make mistakes.  We also know that court systems and prosecutors are often jaded by the daily grind of their jobs. But you are an individual with individual rights, and deserve the defense of your personal welfare and the protection of your reputation. While working on your case, Musell Law is upfront and honest. We are dedicated to transparency in communications to make sure that our clients have the necessary information and tools to make good decisions, because we see this relationship as a partnership.  We are a team, working together to obtain the best possible outcome for your situation. Musell Law will defend your rights and guide you during each step of the litigation process. We believe it is important to move quickly and confidently to win your case. The faster we restore your life, the better.

Protect your rights.

Our Denver criminal defense law firm is on your side, ready to defend your rights, and challenge the evidence against you. In numerous cases we’ve successfully challenged the evidence by thoroughly reviewing the evidence and law that may have been overlooked by prosecutors that can be game-changers in your case or trial. Brian Musell criminal defense lawyer grew up in Denver and has developed longstanding professional relationships with Denver-based judges and prosecutors as a criminal defense lawyer. This is another part of our advantage. We know the legal terrain, and will use our experience and expertise to successfully defend your criminal charges. It’s our top goal to win your case, defend your person, and restore your life. Urgency is important. Call us as soon as you know you may be facing legal charges. Not only can our counsel aid in the mitigation of your charges but early intervention often ends in case dismals.

Our Denver Criminal Defense Attorneys Can Assist With the Following Charges:

Give us a call now. Schedule a free, no-obligation consultation with one of Denver’s most highly rated Criminal Defense Attorney. We will dedicate as much time as we need to understand your case during your free consultation, and then start our defense case right away.  We urge you to call before you case proceeds any further. The sooner we get involved, the sooner we can protect your interests and livelihood.

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